Unique Animal Experiences For Guest Of SeaWorld

Orlando’s NEW Infinity Falls has just announce a whole new line-up of animal experiences!

With summer in full effect in the Sunshine State, SeaWorld Orlando dropped some new details today on the highly anticipated Infinity Falls River Expedition.

1. Caribbean Flamingos

Every Infinity Falls river expedition will pass by a flamboyance of beautiful Caribbean flamingos. Born at SeaWorld Orlando, these guys love to just stand around in shallow water.  With their spiny, piston-like tongues and curved bills Flamingos are able to filter out food from all sorts of environments. And since these Pink beauties love shrimp, a tool like that is a necessity.

2. SeaWorld’s Animal Ambassador Team

Throughout the day, SeaWorld’s Animal Ambassadors will be making appearances on the basecamp to share their stories of rescue and conservation. Guests may encounter a surprise animal presentation with some of the rescued and exotic animals! Some of these encounters include animals that are native to South America. Take Mr. Green, he is a Green Aracari who is usually found in the lowland forests of Northeastern South America.

3. Animal Ambassador Tour

For the ultimate in-depth look at what SeaWorlds Animal Ambassador team does on a daily basis, check out SeaWorld’s new Animal Ambassadors Up-Close Tour.

This exclusive experience will take you behind-the-scenes to meet SeaWorld’s keepers and a variety of the exotic and rescued animals in their care. You will have an opportunity to hear some of the most amazing rescue stories, like Moonbeam’s.  A pet Green iguana who was found in a community playground injured and malnourished. The SeaWorld team was able to provide it with the proper care and get him back to optimal health.

* This is the perfect adventure to capture some once in a life-time photos! *

Space is limited, so be sure to book this online in advance!

You can learn more about the Animal Ambassadors Up-Close Tour and all of the amazing animal tours SeaWorld has to offer  by clicking here.

Some of the above photos: © 2018 SeaWorld Parks & Resorts Orlando. All Rights Reserved.

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