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Super Hero’s At Disney, But Not Called Marvel

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Super Heroes Are Coming!

Walt Disney Headquarters –  It should come as no surprise that with the growing success of Disney and Marvel Studios films, that we would see a ‘Marvel Land’ somewhere in the near future. Well, Disney is working on just that, sort of.

With Disney’s large overhaul to Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission Breakout last year to include a Marvel theme at the California Adventure Park, we knew it would just be a matter of time for more.  It’s also hard to ignore the nearly $3 billion in worldwide revenue from its last three Marvel superhero movies alone: “Black Panther,” “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” and “Thor: Ragnarok”, and with a long list of upcoming movies,  Disney has no intention on slowing down.

Feeding our growing desire to be taken away by our fictional alter egos, Disney and Marvel Studios have outlined what we can expect from Marvel Cinematic Universe’s  through 2022 and into 2023, as reported by Collider.

But due what I call “The Deal”  that was done a long long time ago, they won’t be using the word “Marvel” at the theme park. The easiest way to show you is with this infographic by The Geek Twins. The visual breakdown of who owns all the various Marvel Comics characters – timely info to have, after the recent Fox/Disney deal:

Now you might be asking, “How can they have the Hulk and there be a “HULK” roller coaster at Universal Studios Orlando, well……the short version:

The deal-

So let’s remember when all this Super Hero fire sale stuff is happening. Picture it…. It is 1994 and Marvel is Hurting. They have now found themselves in a position where they are selling off character rights.

Originally MCA was given the rights to use Marvel characters in Universal Studios theme parks around the world but only if Universal exercised those rights. *MCA is the predecessor company of NBCUniversal, parent of the firm that owns Universal Studios Hollywood and that is the third-largest theme park operator in the world.* But “The Deal” within the U.S gets even more defined. And the line is the good ole’ Mississippi River.

If  Universal builds Marvel attractions on both sides of the Mississippi River, the rights to use Marvel characters in its parks across the country is all theirs!  Well in 1998 Universal added Marvel attractions to its Islands of Adventure in Orlando, but never built one west of the Mississippi. This giving all the other theme parks west of the river opportunities to grab those Marvel characters rights.

There is so much more toThe Deal” but that’s the basics of why Marvel super heroes are used but not used by name. So what will this “Superhero Land” or maybe “Avenger Land” bring to its guest?

You can expect to see all your favorite characters Marvel comics, movies and video games have made famous.  Ironman, Spider-man, GOTG, and even that big green guy just to name off a few. The list Disney now has to choose from has grown dramatically.

So what we know

We don’t know much. Disney has been very tight lipped about the project.  Most feel that the project would take over part of California Adventures,  A Bug Land, and some employee parking.  Unlike Disney World Resorts Orlando, space is a problem at Disneyland. So changes to any part of the park have been well thought out before moving forward with any project.  With the already announced list of upcoming Superhero movies from the Disney/ Marvel Studios, we are sure Disney is eager to get this project started ASAP.

“We are excited to bring these stories and their compelling characters to life with a new land in Disney California Adventure park,” said Disney spokeswoman Suzi Brown

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