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Nah Dogs Gets A Big YES From This Guy

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Nah Dogs St.Pete Cover

St.Pete, Fl.-  On this Saturday morning we are heading back out to St.Pete.  With the growing number of vegan eateries and more common artisan areas, we really enjoy spending the mornings walking and exploring the cities expanding downtown. Today we are heading to the Indie Flea at Green Bench Brewing Co. The wife was excited for the local artisans, as was I. But, I really had my mind on some vegan eats. More specifically Nah Dogs. A 100% Vegan Hot dog cart, with flavors, from what I had heard, will blow your mind. 

Indie Flea
Indie Flea Courtyard

What is Nah Dogs

Well the story goes like this…. Jeff & Jenny, they are the owners of Nah Dogs St.Pete, where driving around looking, thinking, trying to come up with a name for their new venture. Believe it or not, it ain’t easy. As they looked at other business names, brainstorming ideas, the same reaction came out for each one “Nah”. Boom, the name was born without even knowing it. 

The concept

The idea is a simple one, yet so awesome. Nah Dogs will function as a traditional hot dog cart, offering vegan deliciousness to all who dare to tease their palates with amazing flavors. But let me slow down, I am getting ahead of myself.(what’s new) So back to how to grab your dogs. With a huge lack of anything like this in our area, Jeff and Jenny plan on offering their dogs at local pop ups, like the one we attended on this day. I’ll drop some links in this blog so you can keep up on where to find them next. But first don’t ya wanna know if it is even worth it?! Keep scrolling.

The Taste

YEAH IT’S WORTH IT! I know I know, “Mike, it’s just a vegan hot dog.” Oh I beg to differ. It is way more than just a “vegan hot dog”. And although it is vegan I invite any carnivore to try these dogs. They pack some serious flavor. 

We Decided On Two Opposite Flavor Palette Dogs

NahDogs Hot Dogs
Nah Dogs- The Captain, The Special
The Captain
The Special
  • The Captain– Chilli + Nacho Chz + Fried Onions + Spicy Mustard
  • The Special – La Perrada– Nacho Chz + Pink Sauce + Pineapple Sauce + Garlic Mayo + Some Crunched Potato chips

The Verdict

Nah Dogs St.Pete has done an amazing job at bringing the convenience of street fare to vegan foodies. While anyone can toss a dog on a bun, Jenny & Jeff have perfected the flavor combinations to show they are far from anyone.  

My Rating

*Upcoming events featuring Nah Dogs St.Pete:

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