One of the biggest and well known Comic-Cons is about to start. From  July 19-22 (Preview Night: July 18)! Geeks will unite in San Diego Ca.  And if you are a Funko Pop! addict like me (hey the first step is admitting)  then you know SDCC has turned into a 5 day hunt.

With some of the most sought after vinyl figures becoming exclusive to SDCC, here is your Funko Pop! 2018 San Diego Comic-Con Guide.

2018 Funko San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives Gallery

Here is what we do know for sure….

2018 Funko Pop! San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives Pricing

  • Pop: $15
  • Pop 2-pack: $30
  • Pop 3-pack: $35
  • Pop Ride: $40

This year Funko has been a little more revealing on some of their exclusives for SDCC. Going as far as to share with their Twitter followers Josie from Funko Pop Riverdale.  The Josie vinyl is also confirmed by Funko as a shared figure at Hot Topic.

Now like most of you, we have yet to get our invite to come out and cover San Diego Comic-Con, so we will have to settle for the next best thing… sitting in front of our laptop, hitting refresh every so often, waiting to see what surprise Funko has in store for us this year!

**Please note… nothing is ever official until FUNKO says so……. the below list is what “we think” is where the following will be found**

*Placeholders for the following have been found*


There is no set time when a shared exclusive will go live on the retailers webpage. Anytime after 12am est. on July 19th


SDCC 2018: Shared Exclusives!


Pop! Disney: Incredibles 2 – Edna Jack-Jack
Pop! Marvel: Thor Ragnarok – Thor w/ Odin Force
Rock Candy Marvel: Jessica Jones – Jessica Jones
Pop! Star Wars: Solo – Imperial Patrol Trooper

Barnes and Noble

Dorbz: Game of Thrones – Dragon Dorbz 4pk
Pop! Animation: Looney Tunes – Pepé Le Pew
Pop! Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Kraglin
Pop! Harry Potter: Glow-In-The-Dark Nearly Headless Nick
Pop! TV: Stranger Things – Billy & Karen Wheeler 2pk
Pop! Marvel: Ant-Man Classic
Dorbz: Stranger Things – Steve w/ Bandana


Pop! Disney: Kingdom Hearts – Organization 13 Mickey (Unhooded)
Pop! Rides: Bob’s Burgers – Tina On Unicorn
Pop! TV: Game of Thrones – Olenna Tyrell
Vynl.: Hanna-Barbera – Muttley + Dastardly
POP Disney: Moana – Tamatoa (Neon)
VYNL: The Royal Tenenbaums – 2PK – Richie/Margot
POP Heroes: The Flash – Running Flash (clear)


Pop! TV: Doctor Who – Thirteenth Doctor

Entertainment Earth

Pop! Animation: Looney Tunes – Playboy Penguin
Pop! Comics: Hellboy in Suit


Pop! TV: Masters of the Universe – Stinkor
Pop! Disney: Doug – Skeeter Valentine
Dorbz: Nickelodeon – Ren and Stimpy 2-pk

Funko Shop

Pop! Directors: Taika Waititi
Pop! Ad Icons: Quaker Oats – Crunchberry Beast
Vynl.: Ad Icons – Yummy Mummy + Fruit Brute
Pop! Heroes: Justice League – The Flash 3-pk
Pop! Rides: Mad Max Fury Road – The Nux Car
Pop!: Hanna Barbera – Banana Splits – Snorky
Pop!: Hanna Barbera – Banana Splits – Bingo
Pop!: Hanna Barbera – Banana Splits – Fleegle
Pop!: Hanna Barbera – Banana Splits – Drooper
Dorbz AD Icon: Cap’n Crunch and Friends 4-pk
Pop! Funko: Spastik Plastik – Gill
Pop! Funko: Spastik Plastik – Sam
Vynl.: Hanna-Barbera – Quick Draw McGraw + Baba Looey
Pop! Movies – Scott Pilgrim – Matthew Patel & Demon Chick 2-pk
Pop! Disney: Hercules – Pain and Panic 2-pk


Pop! Games: Destiny – Sweeper Bot
Pop! Heroes: DC – Redhood
Pop! Marvel: Marvel Stud10s – Iron Man Mark I
Rock Candy: Saga- Alana
Pop! TV: Stranger Things – Dustin at Snow Ball Dance
Pop! Games: Overwatch- Soldier: 76 Grillmaster
Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty – Western Rick
Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty – Western Morty
Dorbz: Marvel – Captain America & Red Skull 2-pk

Hot Topic

Pop! TV: Riverdale – Josie
Pop! Comics: Saga – Flocked Ghüs w/ Pajamas
Pop! TV: Parks & Recreation – Ron Swanson (Cornrow)
Vynl.: Scott Pilgrim – Scott Pilgrim + Ramona Flowers
Pop! Marvel: Thor Ragnarok – Valkyrie
8-Bit Pop!: Wreck It Ralph – Ralph
8-Bit Pop!: Wreck It Ralph – Fix it Felix
Pop! Animation: Sailor Moon – Black Lady
Pop!: Harry Potter- Moaning Myrtle (translucent)
Pop! Animation: Dragon Ball Super- Dead Yamcha
Pop! Animation: Dragon Ball Z – Super Saiyan Broly
Pop! Star Wars: Clone Wars – Cad Bane
Pop! WWE: WWE – Asuka
Skateboard Deck: Golden Girls
Vynl.: Masters of the Universe – Skeletor + Faker

Toy Tokyo

Pop! Animation: Dragon Ball Z- Vegeta (Gold)
Pop! TV: The Green Hornet- The Green Hornet and Kato 2-pk
Pop! TV: Masters of the Universe – Ram Man
Pop! Animation: Heavy Metal – Taarna (Bloody)
Walgreens. com
Pop!: Hanna-Barbera – Captain Caveman
Pop! TV: Teen Titans Go! – Killer Moth

International Shared Exclusives

These 5 items will ALSO be at the ACGHK show in
Hong Kong on July 27-July 31.

Dorbz: Game of Thrones – Dragons 4-pk
Pop! Comics: Hellboy – Hellboy in suit
Pop! Disney: Incredibles 2 – Edna Jack-Jack
POP Heroes: DC – The Flash
POP TV: Green Hornet – The Green Horney and Kato 2-pk

If you still like to head to a local retailer to purchase your pop! make sure to check the times. Most stores open early, some as early as Midnight on the 19th. 

For all the latest Funko pop! links, updates and to stay up to the minute with any new Funko news we suggest Funko Finders group on FB. Awesome Pop culture community! Also bookmark and tune back in on Friday, July 20th; they will be  kicking  things off at 7:30pm PT with the show beginning at 8:30pm!  and always add your tags on Twitter and Tweet along with us using #FunkoFundays #TheSocialIntrovert #FunkoFinders !

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