Golden, CO. – It isn’t every day you have the chance to purchase an Entire Theme Park. Well come Thursday October 25th some has the chance to do just that!

Heritage Square Amusement Park will be going up for public auction, and as the brochure says the “complete amusement park” can be all yours. There is one catch… have to have some extra space.  You see this auction is for ALL the contents of the park, but not the property it-self.

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Retro is So In

As Alan Bader said, ” it’s a throwback in time“! Bader operated the park for the past 20 years. And with the list of rides, he ain’t lying.

The oldest ride for sale is a 1963 Tilt-a-Whirl, while others include:

  • 2013 Extreme Engineering Portable Zip Line, 300’
  • 1995 Thiel Carousel, 2 Row. New Electric Motor & New Gears
  • 1998 Advantage Banana Squadron
  • 1997 Zamperla Crazy Bus, New Drive & Motor
  • 1980 Chance T.M. Space Shuttle, Rebuilt in 2018, Over $30,000 invested
  • 1966 Eli Scrambler, Rebuilt Motor, New Shaft, New Fiberglass, New Seatbelts
  • 1963 Sellner Tilt A Whirl, New Cables, New Shoes, New Fiberglass & New Paint
  • 1984 Venture Himalaya
  • 1994 Zamperla Swing 20, Rebuilt Shaft, New Paint
  • 1993 Sartori Balloon Flight, Rebuilt Hydraulic Motor
  • 1993 Ride Works Tea Cups, New Shafts, New Bearings, New Races, New Paint
  • 1977 Eli Ferris Wheel, New Seat Pads, New Wooded Cable Runners
  • 1997 Wisdom Miner Mike Coaster, New Fiberglass, New Diamond Plate Track, New Paint, Rebuilt Motor

GO KARTS & BUMPER BOATS Karts & Bumper Boats are J & J Amusements

  • (12) Adult Scorpions New Bodies 2014, New Engines 2016
  • (6) Adult Side Kicks (Doubles) New Bodies 2014, New Engines 2016
  • (8) Junior J & J Stingers Purchased New for the 2016 Season
  • (10) Adult Eagles (slick) Rebuild all engines 2017
  • (9) J & J Electric Bumper Boats, New Batteries 2016, New Tubes 2018
  • (9) Swan Paddle Boats (8) White, (1) Black – New fiberglass

Times are changing

With the profitability of the park having been an increasing struggle, and the land owner calling in the lease on the property, Bader had no choice but to put the Heritage Amusement Park rides up for auction.
With Bader’s own children growing up at the park, and countless families visiting the “Gold Rush Town” themed attraction, it’s hopeful that thees rides are just moving on to the next  generations of young people.
So grab your check book (Do people still have those) and head on over to Golden Colorado, and you can have your very own theme park!
If you were able to open your own Theme Park, what would you call it?
Auction location: On site at the former Heritage Square Amusement Park at 18301 Colfax Ave. (RT 40), Golden, Colorado 80401

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