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Galaxy’s Edge Attractions & Resort Name Revealed

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ORLANDO, Fla. –  With the closing of an AMAZING week at this years IAAPA, we quickly turn our attention to Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Destination D fans have packed the house to get the first look, and to hear what Experience and Consumer Products Chairman Bob Chapek had to reveal about all the highly-anticipated experiences coming to Disney Parks, Including the naming of Galaxy’s Edge new attractions.

Exploring Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

It’s been 3 years since Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge was announced at D23 Expo, and it’s no surprise both Disney and Star Wars fans are eager to hear more. Today, Chapek gave us more! We now have two names for Galaxy’s Edge attractions! 

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

One of the most highly anticipated attractions will take fans on an interactive motion-simulator attraction of the most iconic Star Wars starship.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Guests will embark on a battle like no other between the First Order and the Resistance – including a face-off with Kylo Ren.

Black Spire Outpost

The attractions will be located at Black Spire Outpost, a trading outpost located on the planet Batuu.Here is where it gets pretty cool. Visitors of Black Spire will have their scores and reputation built on interactions within the outpost, ultimately affect their score. All which can be tracked in the Play Disney Parks app. Ah, technology!

Star Wars Resort

But Chapek was far from done. He also provided a sneak peek of the groundbreaking Star Wars resort coming to Walt Disney World Resort. This multi-day, fully immersive adventure will take guests aboard a luxury starship with all the features expected of a first-class hotel, including dining, recreation, and accommodations, all authentic to the Star Wars universe.Chapek also announced that the music for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will feature original themes created especially for the land by Academy Award-winning composer John Williams. Chapek shared a stirring preview of the all-new music, recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios.

Upon arrival, guests will first go through a security area, walking through metal detectors and passing luggage through an X-ray machine. Since Disney has made it very clear this will be your portal to the Galaxy, this is a measure in place to protect guests, but also used to speed up entering the park as a resort guest. You won’t need to be scanned again, you already have been cleared when checking in.

The Possibilities

We can think about all those space movies with “hotels”. There is always that scene for check-in, and it always includes odd characters, and space age doorways and amenities when doing space travel. So really, it makes total thematic sense for Disney to make you, as a space traveler, to go through a security checkpoint on arrival. Pretty clever imagineers…pretty clever.

The plans only reveal what’s on the first floor. But with words like Starboard Portal, Dojo, the Brig, and the Engineering Room we can start to geek out a little, and we are starting to get more of a feel for the layout.With Disney being Disney, we can’t see guest just walking out the door from their resort into another galaxy. 

Some speculate, including this guy, that this area could be used as a “transport area”, taking resort guest from one area of the galaxy to the other. Maybe even having visuals on the windows to give you the feeling that you are traveling among the stars. Space travel done in Disney style.

There is no doubt that these two new experiences, paired with the land’s interactive components and optional integration with the Play Disney Parks app, will invite guests to become galactic travelers and live their own Star Wars stories in a galaxy far, far away.

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