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Front of Dandelion Cafe Orlando Florida

What Did I Think Of The Dandelion Communitea Cafe

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Orlando, Fl.-  Just a short drive on  I-4 from Walt Disney World and an even shorter drive from Universal Orlando Resort, tucked away off of East Colonial Dr. sits  “The Dandelion cafe”   

This unique, quirky Plant-Based, Sustainable, Local, Organic and communal local spot sits inside this kick ass 1920’s house! And I gotta say, it’s a perfect match! 

This little Green House greets you with a  little outside patio surrounded by a little white fence as natural landscape.  A perfect place to sip on one of their many herbal teas and chill. 

Right when you walk in you know your in a 1920’s house. The real hardwood floors, the custom made built in cabinets and shelves, and that stained glass is freaking awesome!

Art Work

Don’t be fooled by what you first see…there are actually three different dining rooms, and I suggest you check them ALL out. Each is littered with works from local artist of all styles. 

Stained Glass

Ok, so that’s the skinny on the establishment, now let’s talk  about the food at Dandelions. At Dandelions they echo these words on their menu, and it shows on their plates:

Food should be fun, wholesome, simple, vibrant and above all, delightful.

Here is a list of our delightful delicacies.  

Falafel Lettuce Wraps

Freshly made chickpea falafel with a hint of lemon, served on local Bibb lettuce with shredded carrots and Green Goddess dressing. [Gluten-Free][Soy-Free] 

These Lettuce Wraps were scrumptious! 

*Moist, Fresh, large portion, full of flavor, enough for 2 people, killer sauce.

Black Bean Burrito

Black Bean Dip, Salsa and Whirled Peas spreads, our plant-based house queso with our custom Dandy Grain Blend (of tricolor quinoa, brown rice, millet, Wehani rice, black Japonica rice and teff) 

All I can say is “how did they get pea’s to taste like that?

Full of flavor I can’t believe that’s not Guacamole BIG portion

Buffalo '66 Wrap

Cashew- encrusted tempeh tenders, carrots, celery, and red onions, with Buffalo Sauce and Ranch dressing.

This is my favorite! And FYI….I am usually not a big fan of Tempeh.

*The Buffalo sauce was on point, Very well balanced spicy/cool The Celery gives it some crunch BIG portion

Hands down they made it on the top 10 list!

I can’t say enough GOOD things about this cool little place.

  • The prices are more than fair for fresh REAL food.
  • They have a huge selection of herbal teas.
  • Their $6 Giddy-Up Mondays is a must.
  • Very chill- ya never feel like you’re being rushed to leave.
  • The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, courteous.

Our food arrived quickly and as ordered!  Which, can be an issue at other places that don’t specialize in catering to the plant-based/vegan/veggie lifestyle. Of course, the HUGE reason why it is on the top 10 list….it was DELICIOUS!  *Warning, YOU WILL HAVE LEFTOVERS!!  We  ALWAYS end up having something left over. No worries, they have to-go boxes easily accessible.  We highly recommend The Dandelion Cafe

We like a plate that is diverse in texture, color and flavor, like the personalities that dine at our cafe. We like our food chopped small so we can experience a dance party in every bite. We like to feel energized and satisfied by what we eat. We take pleasure in voting with our fork, knowing that we make food choices that are more supportive of the wellness of people, planet and critters than a majority of the alternatives out there. We love good food, and more importantly, we love to share our food with friends. – Dandelions Communtea Cafe


618 N Thornton Ave, Orlando FL 32803

Phone / To-Go Orders: 407-362-1864

Hours of Operation

Sunday 11am-5pm

Monday – Saturday 11am to 10pm

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