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All-New Bier Fest Coming To Busch Gardens Tampa

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Bier Fest is coming to Busch Gardens, with over 100 flavors of brews from around the world

Busch Gardens, Tampa Fla. – It wasn’t but a few months ago I was standing outside of the Serengeti Overlook Pub & Restaurant with my friend Bill from Touring Central Florida and Busch Gardens president, Stewart Clark. We were there to celebrate the opening of the new Brew Club, and also the announcement of #BEERISBACK. As we chatted about the park, the conversation turned to beer. I mean after all that is what this event is about. But the talk was about a “showcase” almost….A bigger vision.  A vision, Clark said, would help smaller breweries get amazing exposure with their thousands of visitors.

Fast forward to today’s exciting NEW announcement of Bier Fest! The vision, Stewart spoke about, has come to be! The All-New festival blends the local Tampa Bay craft scene with time-honored traditions to create a unique food and beer celebration. With more than 100 beers from 65 different breweries from around the world, there will be a rotating board of different beers being offered for that weekend. The four-weekend festival featuring live entertainment and contemporary fare that pays homage to a traditional Oktoberfest with a modern spin.


  • Is Bier Fest included with admission to Busch Gardens?Yes. Access to the Bier Fest area of the park is included with any Fun CardAnnual Pass, or daily admission to the park. Food, drinks and specialty tastings are available for purchase separately during event hours.
  • What time do food and beverage locations open and close?-Food and beverage locations open on event days at noon and close at park close. Menu items are exclusive to Busch Gardens® Bier Fest and are only available during the event.
  • What kind of beer is available each visit?-The event features over 100 beers which will rotate throughout the event. Not all beers listed will be available during a single visit.
  • What Kind of food will be offered?Well there is something for EVERYONE! Including the all new Impossible Burger! A full list of items can be found here. 
  • How large are the beer samples?-A beer sample at the Busch Gardens® Bier Fest is 7 ounces. 
  • Can the All-Day Dining Deal be used?-The All-Day Dining Deal cannot be used during the Busch Gardens® Bier Fest.

However, Festival Samplers are the best way to savor your way through the event.



Enjoy any 5 samples of food, wine, brew or cocktail offerings at Bier Fest.
  • Receive an easy and convenient 5-item Sampler lanyard
  • Choose 5 samples of food, wine, brew or cocktails at any Festival location
  • Only valid during Bier Fest event dates Aug. 25 – Sept. 16


Pass Members can enjoy 12 samples of food, wine, brew or cocktail offerings at Bier Fest for the price of a 10-item sampler!

  • Receive an easy and convenient 12-item Sampler lanyard
  • Choose 12 samples of food, wine, brew or cocktails at any Festival location
  • Only valid during Bier Fest event dates Aug. 25 – Sept. 16

Sampler lanyards can be purchased at the Bier Fest Welcome Center, plus each Bier Fest food or beverage location

We like to visit every weekend so to save time and money we purchase a Sampler Lanyard. This way we get to try a little of everything.  Or if you really wanna upgrade your experience, take part in one of the expert-led bourbon and wine tasting sessions.


Pass Members receive a 10% discount at all locations offering sample-sized food, wine and beer tastings. The 10% discount also applies to the 5-item Sampler. Pass Members can also purchase the exclusive 12-item Sampler for the price of a 10-item Sampler, although discount not valid on the 10-item sampler. Log in to the Pass Member Website for more information, including exclusive 2018 Instant Rewards. Fun Card members do not receive discounts.

You can explore more than 100 beers from around the world at the all-new Bier Fest from Aug. 25 – Sept. 16

A little rain and some storms contained us to the event tent for most of the evening, so my photos were limited. But I had a great time nonetheless, and as you can see from the picture below, the end of the day view made up for it 

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